About Us

Developed (technology and education)


  • At 3 D's, we are driven to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and use whatever means possible to provide the best service possible.  This means we utilize top of the line tools and practices to provide you with the best inspection while keeping the inspector safe.  We are continually learning and honing the craft of the inspection industry as well as running a quality business.



If you're looking for a business that prides itself on integrity and high standards, then 3 D's is it!

Part of our business and life model is to be devoted to the highest standards possible.  This is not just a business slogan, it is a foundation of how we want to live.

** And yes, we are definitely dog people!

Determined to make a difference


 Of course, we all have to make a living.  But making a living does not mean being selfish.  At 3 D's, we live with a determination to make a difference in the world we live in, and particularly in the lives of our customers.   You'll find that we are a friendly, easy to get along with, and helpful business to deal with.   We are determined to be the best.

About Us


We are family driven

The great balance of life comes from hard work, hard knocks, good lessons, and a great family support system.   


Educated and Certified

I hold a Bachelor's of Science in Education and a Master's Degree from Asbury.   It is part of who we are to never enter into something without proper training and education.  So we have learned from the best, and been certified by InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors).   InterNACHI requires training and ongoing continuing education as well as passing the certification test every 3 years to make sure their inspectors are growing and stay current on practices in the industry.  In short, we are educated and certified by the best!


A good product for a good price

With us, you will receive a quality report on the condition of your prospective purchase.  We include pictures to support our findings, and will take extra time and photos for those of you who are forced to purchase a property sight unseen.  We live in a military town that does not always allow people to shop in person, so we know what a picture can do to help ease your mind and give you a clear "picture" of what you're purchasing.